FotoELombaI got my PhD in Physical Chemistry back in 1988 from the Universidad  Complutense of Madrid with a work on the determination of dielectric constants in polar molecular fluids using computer simulation and integral equations, under the supervision of M. Lombardero and J.L.F. Abascal. From 1989 to 1990 I stayed at the Institute of Theoretical Physics in Trondheim (at that time NTH), working in collaboration with J.S. Høye on several topics ranging from the solution of HNC equations in ionic fluids to the problem of refractive index in polarizable fluids. This was the beginning of a long lasting collaboration alive to these days. 

HydrogenMapFrom 1991 to 1992 my working place was the Department of Chemistry of the State University of New York at Stony Brook, where in collaboration with Prof. George Stell most of my time went into the study of integral equations in ionic sytems and the implementation of numerical methods to solve integral equations for quenched sytems (in particular porous sytems). In 1990 I joined the CSIC (Spanish National Research Council) as staff scientist at the Institute of Physical Chemistry (IQFR) in Madrid. From March 2006 to June 2013 I held the position of director of the IQFR.

From 07/2017 to 11/2017 I have been visiting scholar at the Chemistry Department of Princeton University, where I in collaboration with Prof. Salvatore Torquato I started working on disordered hyperuniform systems. Additionally, from 2015 to the end of 2017, I held a position of Pesquisador Visitante Especial at the Instituto de Física of the UFRGS (Porto Alegre, RS, Brazil) which supported various extended visitis to the URFGS and USP, and scientific exchanges with Prof. Marcia Barbosa of the UFRGS, with whom we are presently collaborating on the problem of lhe anomalous behaviour of water/alcohol solutions. Currently I am deeply involved in projects connected with the behavior of ionic liquids under confinement in the context of energy storage devices, in collaboration with Prof. Alina Ciach (ICP, PAN-Warsaw) and Prof. Luis Miguel Varela (Universidad de Santiago de Compostela). As the rest of the Group, I am an active member of the Red de Simulación Molecular, a joint collaborative effort led by Prof. Felipe Blas from the University of Huelva. My main occupations these days are :

  • Computer modeling and simulation in nanostructured materials: Disordered porous carbon and adsorption in PILCS and zeolites.
  • Ionic liquids under confinement: from supercapacitors to optimized batteries
  • Anomalies in water, aqueous solutions and related systems.
  • Structure and thermodynamics of partially quenched systems: ROZ, inhomogeneous ROZ an 3D-ROZ equations
  • Parallel programming and Java Visualization
  • Cluster and GPU computing. 

    For specifica scientific data of interest, you can check i my ORCID no. 0000-0002-4768-2040 or Researcher ID B-1279-2011, and Scopus Author ID: 7004053508. Click on this link to check my Google Schoolar profile, and here to access my ResearchGate web info.


For in much wisdom is much grief, and he that increaseth knowledge increaseth sorrow.  [Ecclesiastes 1:18]  King James Bible

כִּי בְּרֹב חָכְמָה רָב־כָּעַס וְיֹוסִיף דַּעַת יֹוסִיף מַכְאֹוב׃