ConfRomaReentrant Liquid-vapor phase diagram of a monocomponent system (lattice gas model)  Physical Review E 86 (3), 030101 (2012)


  • Noé García Almarza
  • Instituto de Química-Física Rocasolano (CSIC)
  • C/ Serrano 119
  • E-28006 Madrid (SPAIN)
  • Phone:       +34 - 91 745 95 27
  • Joined our group in June, 2002, after a long previous collaboration dating back to 1987. Noé left us unexpectedly on May, 5th, 2016. He is sorely missed. 



Research on phase equilibria of model systems.

Tools: Computer Simulation ("Metropolis"-Monte Carlo).

His works focused on the computation of phase equilibria of different models,  paying special attention to simple generic models (often lattice gases). These models are intended for understanding the complex phase behavior of self-assemblying systems.

Models with  competing interactions:  that exhibit very different spatial structures: cluster (micelle-like), lamellas, etc.. This work is done in collaboration with Prof. Alina Ciach and Jakub Pekalski (Ph.D. Student) from Institut of Physical Chemistry (Polish Academy of Sciences).

Adsorption of gases in pillared clays using Monte Carlo Simulation: This work is done in collaboration with Alberto Gallardo (Ph.D. Student), we pay attention to the influence of the molecular size and the distibution of pillars on the adsorption isotherms. In this project we collaborate with Dr J. M. Guil (IQFR-CSIC).


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