Picture Gallery

And here we have a picture gallery of the group since 1997 !

Sorry for those missing from the pictures, Manuel Lombardero (1961-2001), Fernando Bresme (1993-1997), Fred Lado (1997), Lloyd L. Lee (1998), Maria-José Fernaud (1998-2003), Guiomar Ruiz (2000-2005), Per Zetterström (2007-2008)


Spring 1997: From left to right, Sonia Jorge, Juan Antonio Anta, Daniel Molina, Enrique Lomba, José Luis López Martín, Marta Álvarez 

Spring 1997

Spring 2006: A Brief period with the Quantum Chemists, from left to right, Carl McBride,Nebil A. Katcho, Rafael Notario, Josep M. Oliva, Claudio Martín, Noé G. Almarza, Enrique Lomba



June 2009: Yearly hike to Puerto de la Fuenfría (Sierra de Guadarrama).

From left to right, Alberto Gallardo, Eva G. Noya, Nebil A. Katcho, Noé G. Almarza, Ramona Marguta, Enrique Lomba, Claudio Martín


June 2012: Again hiking in Guadarrama. Group PhD students,

from left to right, Alberto Gallardo, Kuba Pękalski, Cecilia Bores, Vicente Sánchez-Gil



Spring 2013: At the institute, from left to right

Cecilia Bores, Vicente Sánchez-Gil, Claudio Martín, Enrique Lomba, Noé G. Almarza, Eva G. Noya, Alberto Gallardo


June 2016: A difficult year, back in Fuenfría, our institute's IT Manager joined us, from left to right:

Alexandre Furlan, Enrique Lomba, Antonio Díaz-Pozuelo, Claudio Martín 


June 2017. Back at Fuenfría pass. From left to right:

Claudio Martín, Farouk ben Naamia, Paulina Prslja, Enrique Lomba and Paula Gómez-Álvarez

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June 2018. Record numbers, the group friends and visitors. From left to right:

Angel Landa (ICMM), Enrique Lomba, Claudio Martín, Antonio Díaz, Ariel Meyra (UNLP), Itziar Zubieta, Eva G. Noya, Jesús Algaba (UHU), Pablo Llombart, Leandro Guisández (UNLP)

IMG 20180613 132208

May 2021. At the Institute with Covid19 social distancing.

From left to right:Luciana Luque (UNLP), Eva G. Noya, Enrique Lomba, Lucía Fernández, Cintia Pulido


June  9th, 2021. Back at Fuenfría. From left to right:Cntia Pulido, Eva G. Noya, Enrique Lomba, Luciana Luque (UNLP)

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May 19th, 2023. Another year has passed, we skipped 2022, but we are back.
From left to right: 
Claudio Martín, Enrique Lomba, Antonio Díaz Pozuelo, Cintia Pulido, Lucía Fernández, Eva G. Noya